Chaozhou auspicious fruit food co., LTD. (formerly: chicken gaps of chao jia and food factory) was founded in November 1999, the base company is located in has the title of \"food of the township\" guan port town of guangdong province, is a collection research and development, production, sales for the integration of food production enterprises. At present, the company in second - and third-tier cities across the country set up a distribution network, express to catch up with the Internet, and in 2006 opened alibaba trustpass platform, alibaba international station platform, baidu promotion and each big website promotion platform, the products sell well both at home and abroad.


Company attaches great importance to product quality, has passed the HACCP and ISO22000 quality and safety management system certification; Company's products have a nut chocolate series, crispy peanut series, etc., among them \"crispy nuts\" was awarded the title of \"guangdong province outstanding brand\" products, innovative technology \"melon seeds chocolate\" was awarded the title of \"outstanding new products in guangdong province\".

Company mission: happy taste sweet, great love to share happiness.

Company values: take food safety as the fundamental, in good faith and win-win for the guidelines, gratitude of mutual benefit, innovation in hand.


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